AAPCA Elects 2022 Officers, Presents 2021 Best Practices

September 27, 2021

Lexington, KY

This month, the Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) transitioned to the Association’s 2022 Slate of Officers and designated 2021 best practices in air pollution control. Both events occurred as part of the AAPCA 2021 Virtual Fall Meeting Series, being held in place of an annual fall meeting.

The 2022 Officers were elected by AAPCA’s Board of Directors during the 2021 Fall Board Session on September 16. AAPCA’s Board of Directors, composed of senior air officials from 22 states, is pleased to announce the following 2022 Officers:

  • President | Bryce Bird, Utah Department of Environmental Quality
  • Vice President | Mike Abraczinskas, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
  • Secretary/Treasurer | Rhonda Thompson, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
  • Past President | Robert Hodanbosi, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Following the election, 2022 President Bryce Bird stated, “AAPCA’s geographically diverse membership is responsible for protecting the air quality of more than 150 million Americans. I look forward to working with our state and local members to engage EPA and other federal partners on strategies for improving environmental outcomes for everyone.”

Mike Abraczinskas, 2022 Vice President, noted, “Next year, AAPCA will mark its tenth year and continues to serve as a leading forum for collaborating on complex air quality issues. I am honored to be elected Vice President of the Association.”

On September 23, AAPCA presented 2021 Best Practices in air pollution control during a webinar entitled “State Air Agency Innovation During the Pandemic.” Designated best practices this year feature innovative air agency programs that were implemented during the pandemic but will remain in effect long-term. State agencies receiving a 2021 Best Practice Award were:

“As these presentations demonstrate, air agencies found innovative, enduring practices to meet challenges associated with the pandemic,” said Rhonda Thompson, 2022–2023 Secretary-Treasurer.

“Best Practice designations are a centerpiece program for AAPCA,” stated Bob Hodanbosi, AAPCA 2022 Past President and Best Practices Committee Chair. “We are excited to spotlight the innovative work of state and local agencies each year.”

Additional details on AAPCA’s 2021 Virtual Fall Meeting Series can be found on the Events Page of AAPCA’s website, which will be updated with future presentations as available.

AAPCA Background

The Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) is a consensus-driven organization focused on assisting state and local air quality agencies and personnel with implementation and technical issues associated with the federal Clean Air Act. AAPCA members work collaboratively on behalf of states and the communities they protect to act as a conduit for and provide feedback to federal regulators on air quality rules that have significant impacts across the entire nation. AAPCA represents nearly 50 state and local air agencies, and senior officials from 22 state environmental agencies currently sit on AAPCA’s Board of Directors. AAPCA is housed in Lexington, Kentucky as an affiliated association of The Council of State Governments (CSG).

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