State and Local Members

Leadership & Staff

AAPCA Leadership

   President | Bob Hodanbosi, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

 Vice President | Bryce Bird, Utah Department of Environmental Quality

   Secretary/Treasurer | Rhonda Thompson, South Carolina Dept. of Health & Environmental Control

   Past President | Karen Hays, Georgia Environmental Protection Division

AAPCA Committees & Leadership

Air Toxics Committee | Melissa Fortenberry, Mississippi DEQ; David Clark, Arkansas DEQ; & Bryan Nichols, South Carolina DHEC

Ambient Monitoring Committee | DeAnna Oser, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, & Cara Keslar, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Best Practices Committee | Bob Hodanbosi, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Compliance, Enforcement, and Testing Committee | Jarrod Bell, Kentucky Division for Air Quality, & Steve Hall, North Carolina Division of Air Quality

Emissions Inventory Committee | Kelly Petersen, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, & Michael Allen, Utah Division of Air Quality

Energy Committee | Randy Strait, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality; Beverly Botchlet-Smith, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality; & William Montgomery, Arkansas Division of Environmental Quality

Local Government Committee | Rachael Hamilton, Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District, & Jason Howanitz, Air & Radiation Protection Division, Jefferson County Health Department

Modeling Committee | Leigh Bacon, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, & James Boylan, Georgia Environmental Protection Division

NAAQS/SIP Committee | Hastings Read, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, & James Johnston, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Permitting & New Source Review Committee | Eric Cornwell, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, & Jane Gilbert, Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Public Outreach & Information Committee | Roberta Burnes, Kentucky Division for Air Quality, & Jaime Holt, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

Training Committee | Brian Foster, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality


Executive Director | Jason Sloan, (859) 244-8043 

Policy & Membership Associate | Nick Kilby, (859) 244-8042 


The Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies, or AAPCA, is a national, non-profit, consensus-driven organization focused on assisting state and local air quality agencies and personnel with implementation and technical issues associated with the federal Clean Air Act. Created in 2012, AAPCA represents 47 state and local air pollution control agencies, and senior officials from 22 state environmental agencies currently sit on the AAPCA Board of Directors. AAPCA is housed in Lexington, Kentucky as an affiliate of The Council of State Governments.