State and Local Air Agencies Gather in Indianapolis for AAPCA 2024 Spring Meeting

State and Local Air Agencies Gather in Indianapolis for AAPCA 2024 Spring Meeting

Keynote from U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator David Uhlmann

Topics covered major Clean Air Act rules and actions, Inflation Reduction Act, and artificial intelligence

April 29, 2024

Lexington, KY

From April 24 to 26, the Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) held the AAPCA 2024 Spring Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Association welcomed more than 120 participants from 28 state and local air agencies, multiple nongovernmental organizations, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including the Offices of Air & Radiation (OAR), Enforcement & Compliance Assurance (OECA), Research & Development (ORD), Office of Inspector General OIG), and regional offices.

“We were excited to host key state, local, and federal air quality partners in Indianapolis,” remarked AAPCA President Jason Meyers, Administrator for Louisiana DEQ’s Air Planning & Assessment Division. “AAPCA is also thankful to EPA for the opportunity to engage on several major air rules that have recently been issued, including multiple during the week.”

AAPCA was honored to have Brian Rockensuess, Indiana Department of Environmental Management Commissioner, welcome attendees to Indiana and speak to the importance of state leadership in protecting air quality.

AAPCA was also honored to have as the keynote speaker David Uhlmann, Assistant Administrator for U.S. EPA’s Office of Enforcement & Compliance Assurance. Mr. Uhlmann discussed current priorities for his office as well as coordination with state and local co-regulators. Also speaking at AAPCA’s 2024 Spring Meeting was Joseph Goffman, Assistant Administrator for U.S. EPA’s Office of Air & Radiation, who presented on recently released Clean Air Act rules and associated implementation efforts.

“Under the Clean Air Act, state and local agencies have primary responsibility for air pollution control efforts,” noted AAPCA Vice President Laura Crowder, Director for the West Virginia Division of Air Quality. “With the current resource constraints at air agencies, it is critical to have direct coordination with leadership at EPA.”

On the afternoon of April 24, AAPCA’s 2024 Spring Meeting featured an in-depth session on Artificial Intelligence and Air Pollution Control, with presentations from academic, legal, and technical experts. The agenda additionally included state, local, federal, and nongovernmental organization speakers presenting on a broad range of timely Clean Air Act topics, covering air quality standards and planning, power plant regulations, enforcement and compliance, oil and gas sector rules, modeling and monitoring efforts, regional haze, Inflation Reduction Act implementation, and environmental justice. Presentations that are available from AAPCA’s 2024 Spring Meeting are posted here.

AAPCA’s 2024 Fall Business Meeting will be held in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, on August 28, 29, and 30. More information will be available on AAPCA’s website ( in the coming months.

AAPCA Executive Director Departing

At the meeting, AAPCA Executive Director Jason Sloan announced that he had accepted a position at another organization, with a resignation effective May 3. Mr. Sloan has been with the organization for more than eight years, serving as Executive Director since January 2018. Starting May 6, Morgan Dickie, AAPCA’s Senior Policy & Membership Specialist, will begin serving as Interim Executive Director. AAPCA leadership will be undertaking a national search for the Association’s next Executive Director, with details to be released in the coming days.

AAPCA President Jason Meyers, commenting on the staffing changes, stated, “We appreciate Jason’s eight years of service to AAPCA and its members. Jason has done a terrific job as Executive Director and while we hate to see him go, we wish him the best in his new position. Morgan has served in a vital role for the organization, and we are thankful for her willingness to serve in an interim capacity during this important period.”

AAPCA Background

The Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies, or AAPCA, is a national, non-profit, consensus-driven organization focused on assisting state and local air quality agencies and personnel with implementation and technical issues associated with the federal Clean Air Act. Created in 2012, AAPCA represents 51 state and local air pollution control agencies, and senior officials from 21 state environmental agencies currently sit on the AAPCA Board of Directors. AAPCA is housed in Lexington, Kentucky as an affiliate of The Council of State Governments. More information about AAPCA can be found on the Association’s website:

Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies | 1776 Avenue of the States | Lexington, Kentucky 40511 | @AAPCA_States | LinkedIn

Contact: Jason Sloan, Executive Director ( / 859-244-8043)