March 25, 2019

Topical Session: Risk / Environmental Communication








March 26, 2019

NAAQS/SIP/Permitting Updates

Upstream/Downstream: Oil & Gas Updates



Lunch with Keynote Speaker

Modeling, Monitoring, & Other Technical Updates

Ozone NAAQS Updates


Clean Air Act Legal Updates

Regional Haze Updates



State Perspectives on NAAQS Reviews



March 27, 2019

(Closed session, limited to AAPCA members and governmental attendees)

U.S. EPA Air & Radiation Priorities

U.S. EPA Region 4 Updates and Priorities

U.S. EPA Regional Roundup

AAPCA Member Roundtable: Title V


State SO2 Updates and Perspectives


For additional information, please call 859-244-8043 or email Jason Sloan.