September 20, 2017

Topical Session: Long-term and Succession Planning





September 21, 2017

2017 AAPCA Best Practice Presentations


EPA Air and Radiation Priorities/Ozone Cooperative Compliance Task Force

NAAQS/SIP/Permitting Updates

Future of Interstate Transport



Lunch with Keynote Speaker

Clean Air Act Legal Updates

Modeling & Monitoring Updates


Other U.S. EPA Office Updates



SO2 Modeling vs. Monitoring Issues & Designations





September 22, 2017

(Closed session, limited to AAPCA members and governmental attendees)

Combined Air Emissions Reporting Updates

Regulatory Reform Roundtable

U.S. EPA Regional Roundup




White House Council on Environmental Quality Updates

Member Roundtable: Doing More With the Same (Or Less)?: Air Agency Organization & Efficiency




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