2015 Annual Meeting





September 16, 2015


Trading-Ready Options and the Final Clean Power Plan

Jonas Monast and Sarah Adair, Nicholas Institute, Duke University



September 17, 2015


AAPCA 2015 Best Practices Presentations:

AirCom: Florida Division of Air Resource Management's New Compliance and Enforcement Database and Field Inspection Tool

Justin B. Green, Florida Department of Environmental Protection


FAIR: Florida Air Inspector Reference

Preston McLane, Florida Department of Environmental Protection


Promoting Energy Efficiency at Commercial and Industrial Facilities in North Carolina

Adey Olatosi, North Carolina Division of Air Quality


U.S. EPA's Clean Air Act Priorities

Janet McCabe, U.S. EPA


An Assessment of the American Meteorological Society/U.S. EPA Regulatory Model's (AERMOD) Accuracy: A Case Study

Keith Baugues, Indiana Department of Environmental Management


Keynote Address

Donald van der Vaart, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources


111(d) Final Rule Updates & Implementation

Juan Santiago, U.S. EPA


The Role of Science and Scientific Advice in Review of the Ozone NAAQS

Dr. H. Christopher Frey, North Carolina State University


NAAQS and Other Implementation Updates

Megan Brachtl, Rhea Jones, and Vera Kornylak, U.S. EPA


Modeling Updates

Tyler Fox, U.S. EPA


Ambient Air Monitoring Issues

Lewis Weinstock, U.S. EPA



September 18, 2015


Personal Air Monitoring and Messaging

Kristen Benedict, U.S. EPA


Climate, Air Quality and Permitting Proposals For the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

David Cozzie, U.S. EPA


Clean Air Act Legal Updates

Joseph Stanko, Hunton and Williams LLP







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